How To Choose Barber scissors shears

How To Choose Barber scissors shears

Apparently, the most significant tool for an hair stylist, who spends nearly overtime on cutting people’s hair, is the Barber scissors shears, Many hairdresser spend thousands and hundreds of dollars to buy a suitable Barber scissors shears for her or his hairdressing usage.

If you really ask them about which type or which kind of Barber scissors shears they would like to use, then actually you may get a very wide variety of range of opinions, because every stylist has their own opinion about which type and kind is the most suitable for them, and it is very personal and depends on everyone’s habit and favourite, but nevertheless these’s still some guidelines or tips for everyone to follow, and this would work the best in terms of deciding which one is the best for you.

 Barber scissors shears

In terms of the size of Barber scissors shears

Maybe you have seen a type of Barber scissors shears that is very long, but on the other hand some of them seem to be very small, it is because there’s a differentiation between Barber scissors shears and regular hair-cutting shears, that is because there are two type of job that need to be using different type of scissors, one is barbering, the other is haircutting.

Oftentimes barbering shears have longer blades due to they are used for cutting shears over comb and the blades actually have to be long enough to be aligned with the side of a barber comb.On the other hand, haircutting shears are usually used to cut the hair in small increments as it is combed with the fingers. due to these reasons, the blades are generally in more even proportion to the handle-portion of the shear.

How do I know which Barber scissors shears is suitable for me

The proper length of your Barber scissors shears can be easily measured, you can measure it from the end of the gripping hole to the tip of the scissor, and the proper length is actually the exact length of you hand(from your middle finger to the end of you palm)

And also, your fingers should be able to slide in and slide out easily and the shears would be able to swing around the fingers without any resistance, 

By choosing the most suitable Barber scissors shears you would be able to prevent sore calluses and sore spots and prolong your scissor’s life, you don’t want to drop you scissors to your clients, which is very dangerous, because most of scissors are very sharp, so that the proper size of your scissor is very crucial. 

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