How does thinning shears work?

What are thinning shears?

It seems to be that Thinning shears are kind of the scissors that have the teeth, the hair only can be cut within the area of the teeth, thinning shears can be divided into many size area, with some quite small and some quite big, for different purpose of uses.

How can thinning shears be used?

The hair stylist will use this Thinning shears to thin the thick area out and try to let your  hair be more thin than before, and by doing this your hair style would look better and more fashion then before. by using the thinning shears instead of normal scissors, stylist can make sure that he only cut half of the hair and not over-cut hair that he is not supposed to trim. it would make your hair look more stylish and create the wispy effect.  

Can I do the haircut and use thinning shears myself?

It won’t be beneficial for you that you use Thinning shears yourself, from our point of view, we think that it would be proper to do it oneself after accepting professional training or some other certified cosmetology training. if you do it yourself then maybe you will hurt you yourself or leave a lot of missing areas that are not cut or trimmed, or you will cut your hair wrongly and regret for a long time.

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