The Barber Scissors Shears Edge

The Barber Scissors Shears Edge

Actually when it comes to the sharpness of scissors, the impoetance of Convex Edge of these three components are very crucial, these three elements including :  Concave, which means the hollow along the edge, and Bowed, means bowing each other, also Twisted, means twisted like a propeller, a good Barber Scissors Shears, or Hair scissors, Hair dressing scissors, Hair shears, should be able to have a great condition and have balanced convex edge so that it can perform well when hair stylists are doing their hair-cutting job.

The Convex and Beveled Blade of Barber Scissor Shears

There are two types of blade, one is Convex Blade,the other is Beveled Blade, Convex Blade is expertly sharpened by craftmen grinding technique, it is with very sharp angle edges so that it leaves each blade with a combination of sharpness, precision and smoothness, so that it is able to cut through the object that it needs to be cut.

The other one is Beveled Blade, Beveled Blade is harsher than Convex Blade so that some of hair stylists like to use Convex Blade because it is more stable and smoother, when stylists use Beveled Blade to do their work probably they won't enjoy using it because it is too harsh.

When you choose the Barber Scissors Shears, you should always be careful about it, to avoid buying the wrong product that you don't need.

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  • Convex Blade
    "Convex blades" with extremely sharp-angled edges are expertly sharpened by craftsmen grinding technique, leaving each blade with a combination of smoothness, precision and sharpness.
  • Beveled Blade
    A bevel edge is harsher when cutting hair and probably won't be enjoyed as much. Most stylist prefer the convex edge because it is smoother.


The Barber Scissors Shears Edge

The Hair Shear Edge

Convex Edge (very thin & sharp)
  • Concave = hollow along the edge.
  • Bowed = bowing each other.
  • Twisted = twisted like a propeller.
  • All three of these components of hair scissor are important.
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