Are your hair scissors in good condition?

Are your hair scissors in good condition?

You can actually identify the Hair Scissors of your own by reconizing the condition of yours, if your hair is cut like the right hand picture, then your Hair Scissors might be in good condition, if your hair is like the rough condition like the picture in the middle, then your hair might be in a not-very-sharp condition, but this hair scissor still can be used and probably for a period of time. if you hair scissor is like the right hand picture then we highly recommend that you should actually change your scissor, becuase if your scissor is in this condition that is going to hurt your hair and might be cause some issue if not used correctly. 

Having a great scissor which is in a good condition is important, because not only will it allows you to perform your work well, but also protect your hair or your customers' hair to not being cut or damaged incorrectly, If you have any issue in term of the question that is related to Barber scissors shears, Hair dressing scissors, Thinning scissors shears, Beauty shears, you can choose either to send us email or to give us a phone call, we will do our best to provide you the most excellent service ever, click the bottoms below at the end of this page, we welcome your contact sincerely!
Perfect condition Healthy Hair
It seems cut but actuary damage them

Not sharp and also loose tension

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