How to use Barber Razor?

Maybe use a Barber Razor on your face of skin would be a little bit scary, maybe you would get some of nice on your face, or accidentally hurt your face when you are shaving, but nevertheless, we will do our best to try to show you how to correctly use Barber Razor without hurting yourselves unexpectedly.

The first step of using Barber Razor

Actually, at first, you should put a hot towel on, because by doing so you will be able to open your pores and really soften the bristles as well, but this is just to make the process of shaving or using Barber Razor easier, if you have shaven at home probably you won’t need to do this actually.

Actually when it comes to the best time to shave, it would be better to do this when you come out of a shower, and then you can put some of the shaving cream on your face and use it for the shaving purpose.

The second step of using Barber Razor

Be careful to raise the hairs away from the skin, and you need to make this thicker and thicker, and then you can pull up with your thumb to get a proper tension on the skin, and really stretch your skin, the process of stretching your skin is very crucial while you are shaving.

The blade of Barber Razor is quite sharp, so that it would be beneficial if you use it to do most of the work, and hold your chin as tightly as you can and move the blade upwards. everyone has their own style of lips so that there is no one would have the same position to work on actually.

The last step of using Barber Razor

And for the last piece you will need to stretch the skin again or work at slightly different angles, from the forehand of the chin to the backhand and move down to your neck.

And it is very important to be shaving or using Barber Razor in line with the direction of your hair growth, and most of the time it would be upward.

And then, you almost have completed your process of shaving, you may be putting a bit of cooling lotion and moisturizer on your skin, it would be helpful for some whose skin is sensitive and it is better to moisturise the skin after we have shaved.

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Barber Razor

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