About us

Professional scissors manufacturer

Eversharp Pro Company, established in 1995, a leading, dynamic, full-service maker of scissors, Hair dressing scissors, Pet scissors shears, cutting tools, as well as combs, meat hooks and revolutionary manicure implements - all aimed at the forefront of the respective industries. 

Our product lines encompass: professional forged stylist shears, household and kitchen scissors, consumer goods, children's items, utility products, industrial cutters, pet products, gardening tools and pruners, barber scissors shears, tailoring / dressmaking scissors and more. More than that, Eversharp is a “Manufacturing Solutions Company”. The breadth and depth of our production capabilities and core competencies has grown, evolved, and re-shaped itself over the last several decades. Setting aside manufacturing capabilities, Eversharp offers unique value propositions in engineering, industrial design, innovation, market perspective and customer service too… but one key value that ties it all together is Eversharp Pro's unwavering accountability. 

Our mission statement and core company values reflect a rare kind of dedication to our clients, to our staff, and to the markets we serve! This is a direct result of the character and philosophy of our founder, Mr. Albert Chang.

  • 1996 Jun. Albert Chang established Eversharp Pro Company with Kevin Chen in Taichung, Taiwan.
  • 1996 Launched the plastic handle shears.
  • 1997 Launched the garden shears line.
  • 1998 Launched the cable cut.
  • 2000 Jul. Relocate to the current site in Taichung Industrial Park.
  • 2000 Launched the Silhouette Shears.
  • 2002 Launched forged hair dressing scissors and combs.
  • 2004 Launched cuticle and foot files.
  • 2007 Launched barber razor and sharpeners.
  • 2008 Launched the shears with pattern.
  • 2008 Expanded the facility to 0.43 acres.
  • 2008 Jun. Passed Safety audit.
  • 2009 Jul. Acquired ISO9001 Certification. Implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • 2009 Apr. Passed the Corporate Social Responsibility Audit.
  • 2009 Sept. Passed QA System of customers。
  • 2010 Dec. Acquired ISO14001 Certification.
  • 2014 Feb. Established our second manufacturing site (0.25 acres).
  • 2015 Nov. Golden Hand Award.
Eversharp's Mission Statement
To provide clients with an easy, user-friendly, and more refined manufacturing solutions experience, this includes offering exceptional value products, service, principles, and professionalism.
Eversharp Values :
  1. Family from the inside out
  2. Focus on “doing” right, not on “being” right
  3. Time is precious
  4. Learn, evolve, rediscover.  Now do it again.
  5. Good isn’t good enough
  6. Communicate by listening first and speaking second

Service: Barber scissors shears, Hair dressing scissors, Barber razor, Pet scissors shears, Clothes cutting scissors